Jika Anda senang membaca buku, atau yang pasti Adalah dalam masuk ke pasar equity, baik sebagai traider, maupun sebagai investor kita harus menganalisa. harus pintar.

Technical Analysis:

  • “Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Traiding Methods and Applications” – John J Murphy
  • “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” – Robert D. Edwards, John Magee, W.H.C Bassetti
  • “Technical Analysis Explainded” – Martin J. Pring
  • “The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators” – Robet. W. Colby
  • “Technical Analysis Using Multiple¬† Timeframes” – Brian Shannon
  • “Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns – Second Edition” – Thomas N. Bulkowski
  • “Technical Analysis – The Complete Resource of Financial Market Technicians” – Charles D Kirkpatrick & Julie R. Dahlquist.
  • “Using Candlestick Charting” – Alan Northcott
  • “Bloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick Charting” – Michael C Thomsett

Fundamental Analysis:

  • “Business Valuation DeMystified” – Edward Nelling
  • “Financial Statement Analysis – A Practitioner’s guide – Martin Fridson & Frenando Alvarez
  • “Finance In A Nutshell – A No-nonsense companion to the tools and techniques of finance” – Jaview Estrada
  • “Security Analysis and Business Valueation on Wall Street – A Comprehensive guide to today’s valuation methods”¬† – Jeffery C. Hooke
  • “Financial Modeling with Crystal Ball and Excel” – John Charnes
  • “Corporate Valuation Medeling – A Step-by-step guide” – Keith A. Allman
  • “Building Financial Models” – John S. Tjia
  • “Investment Valuation – Second Edition” – Aswath Damodaran
  • “Best Practices for Equity Research Analysis” – James J. Valentine, CFA

Market Psychology:

  • “The Misbehavior of Markets” – Benoit B. Mandelbrot
  • “Animal Spirits” – Robert J. Shiller & George A. Akerlof
  • “Irrational Exuberance” – Robert J. Shiller
  • “Finance and the Good Society” – Robert J. Shiller
  • “The Alchemy of Finance” – George Soros (Classic Reading)
  • “Behavioral Technical Analysis” – Paul V. Azzopardi

Volatility, Risk, and Return (Statistics)

  • “Multifractal Volatility – Theory, Forecasting, and Pricing” – Laurent E. Calvet & Adlai J. Fisher

Others (Investment, Traiding):

  • “THe Intelligent Investor” – Benjamin Graham (Classic Reading)
  • “How to Trade in Stocks” – Jesse Livemore (Classic Reading)
  • “Market Wizards – Interviews with top traders” – Jack D. Schwager
  • “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” – Edwin Lefevre (Classic Reading)
  • “Wall Street Stories: Intoduction by Jack Schwager” – Edwin Lefervre (Classic Reading).